Company - ANT - Applied New Technologies AG (en)


ANT AG was set up in July 1999 and since then has successfully specialised in the fields of WAS cutting technology and special-purpose machinery.

We produce systems for the WAS (Water Abrasive Suspension) cutting process. Various venture capital investors have taken shares in the company and see an expanding future market for this technology.

ANT AG develops cutting devices, robotics and all kinds of gripper equipment or carrier systems in the field of special-purpose machinery. In addition to our customers for the WAS systems offshore, in the industry and for demilitarisation (EOD and IEDD), ANT sells to the nuclear technology industry, offering equipment for the decommissioning of nuclear power plants as well as intelligent modules for waste management worldwide.

At present 26 staff are employed at ANT. The training and experience as well as the personal commitment of each individual guarantees the high quality and functionality of our systems and their successful application at the customer’s site. We ensure our technological know-how by having a great proportion of our staff as engineers.

An international network of agents and partners supports our worldwide sales activities and projects.

ANT is certified according to the quality assurance standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.