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Dual studies and graduation

Study and gain practical experience, this mix is what makes up a dual study program.

Dual studies and graduates in the water jet industry

Acquire valuable theoretical knowledge and apply the same motivation in exciting projects, enjoying student life and at the same time experiencing the benefits of being a permanent employee. A dual study course has many advantages. It represents an ideal mix of study and practical experience and offers countless possibilities to develop and assess specialist expertise and its suitability for the job at hand. Learn by doing. For this reason a dual study course is the optimal way to prime your knowledge. And of course, this is also the best way to secure your chances of getting a job in the future.

Apply to enrol in a highly coveted dual study programme or talk to us about other possibilities to gain adventurous practical experience in our company. If you are prepared to put your back into it, we will certainly notice and become aware of you. We are always looking for motivated and organised adventurous spirits. Take on the challenge and show us what you’ve got.

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