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FAT successfully passed!



FAT successfully passed!

FAT successfully passed!
FAT successfully passed!

For a German-American decommissioning mission of a US nuclear power plant, the ANT was commissioned with a special project: Under special conditions, the segmentation of the reactor internals, using the water-abrasive suspension technology. The decomposition of the core shroud should take place in its original installation position within the reactor pressure vessel, while the cover of the concrete containment vessel, as well as the lower and upper core lattice to be segmented on a demolition place.

The challenge lies especially in the remote-controlled work under water and the work in the radiation field.

The ANT engineers designed and manufactured a Mast Cutting System (MCS), as well as the Portal Cutting System (PCS). The new systems are based on the extensive experience of previous projects. In particular, the proven linear systems were used again to align the cutting nozzle safely and precisely to the objects to be cut. Both systems have easy-to-use controls that allow you to save your lanes and re-run them for cutting at a preset speed.

In week 32, the PCS and MCS were demonstrated and tested at the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) in Schwerin, Germany. Together with the customer, various test cuts were carried out successfully on site, so that the systems were accepted by the FAT on time and without any objections.


The handover of the cutting systems and the associated training are scheduled for fall 2018 in the USA.


Information about the MCS (Mast Cutting System):

At a central 10 meter high mast moves a carriage on which the linear axes are mounted for the actual cutting cuts. The weight of the carriage is balanced with an opposing counterweight inside the mast. With the rotation axis around the mast, as well as an infeed axis and the vertical linear axis, the MCS is able to move the WAS nozzle to any area of ​​the core mantle.

Information about the PCS (Portal Cutting System):

A square base frame of about five meters side length forms the basis of the PCS. On this base frame moves a portal, which represents the x-axis of the 4-axis system. On the portal moves a carriage to the vertical z-axis can also move in the y-direction. In order to properly place the nozzle, as well as to perform internal pipe cuts, the nozzle is additionally capable of rotating about the z-axis. This highly flexible cutting system enables all cuts with the WAS nozzle.

FAT successfully passed!

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