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Innovations in EOD Equipment



Innovations in EOD Equipment

New EOD Equipment

Sound familiar? Not enough space in the trench! There's nowhere to attach the camera! How can I fix and lift the bomb? The follow-up work takes so much time! For all of these problems we have the right solutions. Check out the new EOD equipment.

Our new products at a glance:

Camera Magnet Holder. Firm hold – Best surveillance.
The Camera Magnet Holder acts as a console for a surveillance camera for monitoring the defusing from a safe distance.

Bomb Support Ring. Securing and lifting with strength.
The Bomb Support Ring makes it possible to fix the position of the bomb being defused using chains and lift the bomb after defusing.

Drum Reel Device. Saves strength and time.
The Drum Reel Device helps to simply and quickly wind the 100m cable and hose drum without force.

Hinged Foot. Optimum position on a small footprint.
The hinged foot allows the dimensions of the Multiflex Circular Cutter Plus to be adjusted to a smaller area in the disablement zone.


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