Philosophy - ANT - Applied New Technologies AG (en)


Modern technologies open up possibilities which would have been unimaginable a few years ago. The dynamic of this development is embodied in the philosophy of ANT AG. Our systems, applications and services ensure security and innovation in a fast changing environment. These are basic needs which are also particularly noticeable in the industrial areas.

ANT is working to make new, innovative possibilities accessible and affordable for every entrepreneur.. The aspects of safety - especially in sensitive areas, speed and precision linked with individually adapted, environmentally-friendly technology and handling are all the main focus of our efforts. New challenges are constantly needing new solutions in ever shorter times.

Customer intimacy - pure and simple

The rapid changes in mechanical engineering continue apace. The number of those who are working successfully and efficiently with the WAS cutting process is continuously rising.. The ANT secret of success: Diverse applicational options, the high potential of the experience of our development engineers, the high quality of the systems, fault-resistant technologies which are not complicated to handle, transparent calculations and appropriate prices paired with customer-friendly service even after delivery. And all of this on a worldwide basis, independent of the type and extent of the task.


The efficient distribution system, which seeks dialogue with the customer and delivers a proposed solution to his problem rapidly and unbureaucratically with the least possible number of discussions. ANT also examines unconventional ideas, takes on every task as a challenge and in most cases finds a tailor-made solution which is more than merely acceptable for all participants.

Openness with commitment

Clever, entrepreneurial decisions such as the taking on of new, strategic business fields and the further development of existing technologies are one thing. The realisation of this into fixed competitive advantages are another. This is where above all efficient, transparent working procedures and committed staff are essential. ANT has both - and a company head office which encourages open cooperation and good communication.


We regard professionalism not merely as a qualification acquired through a diploma but also as an attitude of mind. We are proud of our work and each individual regards it as a personal obligation to act in a professional manner, take responsibility and devote themselves to the customer’s interests. Our aim is to maintain this reputation for professionalism in the eyes of our customers and partners.


Short communications paths and regular information flow between the departments ensures optimum customer service from start to finish. Old-fashioned hierarchical structures do not exist. Creative, lateral-thinking engineers with unconventional ideas and inventive genius are linked together with proficient business strategies, technicians and specialists from research and development. A successful mixture, as demonstrated by the lengthy service of company employees and the almost unmeasurable absence rate of the staff. The valuable experience of the employees from innumerable trials, projects and developments is retained by the company and represents an inestimable value to our customers.