Case Study: Global Market-Driven Design and Production of a Manipulation Tool (DCH 4) for Various Offshore Decommissioning Projects

Project Overview:

Our company initiated the design and manufacturing of a specialized manipulation tool (DCH 4) in response to global market demands. The primary objective was to construct a versatile tool capable of cutting piles with a range of diameters using water jet (suspension jet) force.

Project Description:

The task was to develop a highly specialized manipulation tool, the DCH 4 – a Downhole Cutting Head (DCH), suitable for a variety of offshore decommissioning projects worldwide. This tool is notable for its continuous clamping and stepless extendable cutting head, enabling it to cut a wide range of pipe diameters with a single tool.

Key Features of the DCH 4 Manipulation Tool:

  • Two different setups allow for pile diameters ranging from 70″ to 90″ and from 90″ to 118″.
  • Maximum pressure of the Water Abrasive Suspension: 2,500 bar.
  • Continuous clamping and hydraulically driven.
  • Stepless extendable cutting head and endless rotation.
  • Complies with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
  • Optional compliance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU (II 3 G IIB T3).


  • Designing a manipulation tool that cuts piles with a large diameter.
  • Ensuring precision and efficiency in performing the cuts to optimize time and resource efficiency.
  • Developing resilience against various extreme conditions and natural forces at sea, , including high water pressures and a saline environment.

Results and Example Parameters:

  • Proven cut on 84”/2100mm – piles with 4”/100mm wallthickness in 2 hours à cutting speed 10”/250mm per min


The successful global market-driven design and production of the DCH 4 Manipulation Tool marked a significant advancement in our capacity to respond to diverse and challenging needs in the oil and gas industry. Our commitment to excellence and adaptability played a crucial role in improving project efficiency and safety, and in meeting customer expectations worldwide.


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