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Erosion tools for rigless P&A and production enhancement

High efficiency in rigless plug and abandonment as well as production enhancement is ensured by ANT’s erosion tool wellANT which is based on the Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) erosion technology.

wellANT is a ‘rigless’ solution, requiring only standard coiled tubing and ancillary deck equipment. Designed for maximum versatility, and ease of operation.

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Fields of application

  • Erosion of restrictions and collapsed wells
  • Swarfless section eroding for abandonment plugs
  • Erosion for side tracking

Key Features

  • Rigless solution
  • Deployed on standard coiled tubing
  • Small/micro cuttings
  • Screening and analysis of returns
  • Monitoring and control of eroding process
  • Reuse of more than 80 % of abrasive

Your Advantages

  • Control and feedback
  • High flexibility
  • Time savings
  • Cost reduction
  • Maximum safety
wellANT is deployed on standard coiled tubing
wellANT is deployed on standard coiled tubing
wellANT erosion tool
wellANT erosion tool

wellANT examples of use

wellANT erodes obstructions and collapsed sections in wells
wellANT erodes obstructions and collapsed sections in wells
Swarfless section eroding with wellANT
wellANT erodes a pilot hole for sidetracking
wellANT erodes a pilot hole for sidetracking

Collapsed and restricted wells

Restricted well access due to stuck objects, solids deposition or pipe deformations can cause extended non-productive times of associated assets as well as premature abandonment and challenging plugging.

Traditional pipe conveyed mechanical mills can suffer from unintended side tracking due to reactive torque from the deformation, and require expensive rig mobilisations.

In contrast, wellANT can be deployed on standard coiled tubing even from a Riserless Light Well Intervention (RLWI) vessel. A refined jet orientation ensures that the wellANT only erodes within the diameter of the existing wellbore, with very low reactive torque.

Section eroding

wellANT is also capable of 360-degree swarfless section eroding, which provides a fast and cost effective alternative to section milling.

As the tool erodes casing and concrete together, its consistent water jets will also erode through any other obstructions encountered, perfectly preparing a window for rock-to-rock T plugs.

Side tracking

wellANT also be used to complement coiled tubing drilling assemblies in side-tracking. Utilising the consistency of abrasive jet eroding, the tool can be deflected via cement plug, whipstock or open hole whipstock, to provide a clear pilot hole through multiple materials.

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