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In numerous countries around the world, millions of people suffer from the effects of mines and unexploded ordnance, mainly left behind from wars, civil strife or other conflicts. In addition, there are terrorist attacks with explosive devices from pipe bomb to large vehicle bombs.
For the disarming and deactivation of ammunition as well as improvised explosive devices, ANT has developed Mobile Abrasive Cutting Equipment (MACE) that allows to remove or demilitarise fuses remotely and safely. The technology is unrivalled when exclusion of detonations is a must. The MACE series is based on ANT‘s Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) cutting process.
Cutting with Base Fuse Manipulator
Cold cut, no hot sparks

Fields of application

  • Fuses which cannot be manually removed or deactivated
  • Risk of detonation using disruption techniques
  • Ammunition with chemically dangerous mutated explosive content
  • Opening of containments or objects, without using explosives

Our solutions for EOD and IEDD


Disarming of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)


Improvised Explosive Device Disposal

Special Features

  • High safety: Operators defuse the object from a safe distance
  • Remote-controlled cutting devices
    Portable and easy to operate
  • Cold cut and under water cutting
  • Multi-flexible
  • Patented technology – successfully used by EOD teams worldwide
ANT AG | Cold cut, no hot sparks
Cold cut, no hot sparks
Alexander Dölger Sales Manager

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