Cutting Devices

Cut remotely and precisely wherever you want

Cutting devices and their cutting nozzles are essential to perform cuts using the WAS cutting technology. ANT offers a wide range of mobile cutting devices, which are particularly suitable for remote-controlled cutting operations from a large distance and in explosive or other hazardous areas. They are characterised by high flexibility and at the same time optimal adaptation to the specific requirements in the sectors offshore, EOD/IEDD and energy & industry.

Downhole Cutting Heads

Downhole Cutting Heads (DCHs) are suitable for internal cutting multistring casings, pipes and piles.

Cutting tables

Our cutting tables are a flexible solution for cutting multi-dimensional contours from a safe distance.

Manipulation systems

Furthermore we offer a variety of standardised manipulation systems for a wide range of applications.
To enable cut guidance with remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), ANT offers suitable solutions for connecting WAS systems to various ROVs.

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