waterjet cutting for energy & industry

Contract manufacturing, dismantling of industrial and nuclear plants, repowering

For a wide range of industries, we offer safe and efficient Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) cutting and erosion technology as well as turnkey complete solutions that can be tailored to very specific needs.
Stahl schneiden mit Wasser

Fields of application

  • Disassembly and maintenance in sensitive and explosive areas
  • Disassembly and dismantling of radioactive materials (nuclear industry)
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Challenging cuts in exceptional situations

Our areas of activity in the industrial and energy sector

Key Features

  • High performance cutting
  • Safe cutting even in ATEX zones
  • Cutting above and under water
  • Modular system
  • Remote controlled
  • Sophisticated accessories
  • Multi-flexible and easy to operate
  • Individually tailored solution

Dismantling systems for dismantling the reactor pressure vessel at NPP Stade “The project was performed on schedule and to the complete satisfaction of our customer. This would not have been possible without your personal engagement. Therefore we want to thank you.”

Andreas Loeb – Project Manager, Siempelkamp – NIS Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH


Surface Cleaning of Railway Tracks

Innovative water jet surface treatment effectively removes leaves and other contaminants from railway tracks. This increases friction and thus contributes to the safety of railway operations. Learn more about our test results

Bild von Stefan Filter (Ingenieur) am Schreibtisch mit Handy am Ohr
Stefan Filter Engineering Manager

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