EOD and Demilitarization

Disarming unexploded ordnance for civil and military security tasks

The environmental conditions that unexploded ordnance is exposed to over time have chemical as well as physical effects and often result in a critical unexploded ordnance (UXO) situation on site. Conventional Render Safe Procedures (RSP) are often not feasible without touching or moving the unexploded ordnance. Blasting unexploded ordnance has been the last RSP to be used and sometimes causes high collateral damage. Additionally, underwater blasting leaves severe environmental damage by damaging or killing marine life. That’s where ANT AG presents its waterjet cutting technology as an EOD solution in order to cut UXO in the safest way possible.

MACE: The EOD solution

MACE systems are successfully deployed around the globe and have become the state of the art for RSP: For the safe, remote disposal of all types of explosive devices, ANT offers customised solutions to cut UXO with sophisticated components.

Cutting out a fuse with MACE and Base Fuse Manipulator (image source: Kampfmittelräumdienst Schleswig Holstein)

Fields of application

  • Fuses which cannot be manually removed or deactivated
  • Ammunition with chemically dangerous mutated explosive content
  • Opening of containments or objects, without using explosives as opening method for deflagration

Key Features

  • Suitable for EOD and Demilitarization
  • 700 bar
  • Portable
  • Up to 500 m distance from UXO
  • Cutting time approx. 20 min with one filling of abrasive
  • Also available as XL version (cutting time approx. 45 min with one filling of abrasive)
ANT | AMU 700-12
The main component of a MACE system is an Abrasive Mixing Unit (AMU) with 700 bar

System configuration

Cutting out a fuse with MACE and Base Fuse Manipulator (image source: Kampfmittelräumdienst Schleswig Holstein)

EOD solutions: MACE system

EOD-Trailer with MACE and accessories (sample)
This EOD trailer is equipped with a MACE system, cut guidance systems and other equipment for bomb disposal according to customer requirements
MACE and DAKSH UXOR (sample, no ROV incl./ image source: DRDO)
MACE can be mounted on selected heavy duty ROVs like the Daksh UXOR for remote controlled defusing of unexploded ordnance like bombs and missiles in difficult to reach terrain. (sample, no ROV incl./ image source: DRDO)

MACE Cutting Examples for EOD

Cutting out a bottom plate

References EOD/IEDD

MACE & Components

The core components of the MACE system are the Abrasive Mixing Unit (AMU) and the High Pressure Pump (HPP):

ANT provides a hydraulic power unit with an intuitive operator panel which ensures effective control of the cutting devices.

All cutting devices for MACE are hydraulically driven. For EOD there are three specially developed cutting devices:
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