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Improvised Explosive Device Disposal

Pipe bombs, hand grenades, or potentially dangerous objects such as unconventional explosive devices in the form of fire extinguishers, gas cylinders and suitcases, as well as vehicles are often used in terrorist attacks. The use of a water gun as a defusing procedure (RSP – Render Safe Procedure) often causes severe collateral damage, especially in urban areas. ANT AG has therefore developed self-sufficient complete systems for the safe disposal of improvised explosive devices (IEDD – Improvised Explosive Device Disposal) using the waterjet cutting method.

ANT | miniMACE Cutting Letterbox
Cutting a letterbox with a ROV mounted cutting device

Fields of application

  • Pipe bombs
  • Hand grenades
  • Unconventional explosives like gas bottles, suitcases or fire extinguishers
  • Large Vehicle Bombs (LVB)

The miniMACE Solution

miniMACE is a self-contained complete system with combustion engine, abrasive mixing unit (AMU) and high pressure pump (HPP) for accessing and deactivating Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). It can be used for car bombs (LVB – Large Vehicle Bombs) or other containers in which IEDs have been hidden, regardless of the material of the body such as steel, aluminium, plastic, wood, fibreglass, glass, etc. The miniMACE system can be connected to selected EOD robots. 


miniMACE key features

  • Suitable for IEDD
  • 450 bar
  • Portable
  • Applicable with optional cutting devices or with ROV
  • No destruction but preservation of forensic evidence
  • Up to 200 m distance from IED

The miniMACE LVB Features

  • Safe and reliable access to the inside
  • No destruction but preservation of forensic evidence
  • Optimal risk assessment
  • Ability to carry out the Render Safe Procedures (RSP) inside
miniMACE with Operator Panel and Circular Cutter
miniMACE with trailer and ANDROS robot

System Configuration

ANT | IEDD miniMACE System Configuration

MACE System Solutions

miniMACE and tEODor ROV connection
miniMACE with trailer and ANDROS ROV connection

Cutting Large Vehicle Bombs (LVB) with miniMACE on ROV

miniMACE with trailer and ANDROS robot

miniMACE & Components

The core components of mini MACE:
All cutting devices for miniMACE are electrically driven. For IEDD there are two specially developed cutting devices:
Useful accessories are also provided:
Laura-Christin Krebs Product Manager

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