Mobile cutting systems

Safe cutting in sensitive and challenging areas

Whether for the dismantling of sensitive and explosive equipment or unusual challenges – modular components and the comprehensive know-how of our experts enable us to offer you multiflexible cutting solutions.

Application areas

  • Sensitive, fire and explosion hazard areas
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Nuclear industry
  • Construction industry
  • Wind industry

Special features

  • High cutting performance
  • Safe cutting even in ATEX zones
  • Cutting above and under water
  • Modular system
  • Remote controlled
  • Sophisticated accessories
  • Multiflexible and easy to use
    customized complete solution

Application examples

ANT Engergie und Industrie | Nahaufnahme der Domglocke

For the restoration of the St. John’s bell in Meissen Cathedral, the crown of the bell was cut out on site using a water abrasive suspension (WAS) cutting system from ANT. For this purpose, the bell only had to be suspended about 20 meters and not heated as a whole to over 500 °C, as is usually the case during welding. 

ANT Tunnelbohrmaschine

Cutting free the stuck tunnel borer “Giulia” in Karlsruhe with the help of a mobile ANT cutting system.

ANT Tank schneiden

Cutting a tank: no problem even in sensitive areas thanks to the special ANT technology.

Components of mobile WAS cutting systems

The main components of mobile WAS cutting systems are a high-pressure pump and 

“Professional and human behavior, even in difficult situations, that describes the cooperation with ANT. Fast help with mobile equipment that delivers what it promises.”
Tim Babendererde – Partner, Babendererde Engineers

Jennifer-Eileen Topke Sales

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