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External cutting

of topside and subsea structures

Specific manipulation systems for external cutting of piles and other offshore structures can either complement an offshore cutting spread for internal cutting or be part of an individually tailored Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) cutting system for a wide range of cutting challenges offshore and onshore.
ANT external cutting | Linear manipulation System
Linear manipulation system in use for decommissioning of an offshore wind power plant

Fields of application

  • Wind power plants
  • Platforms and piles
  • Other structures made of hard, brittle or thick materials and composites

Key Features

  • High cutting performance
  • Modular system
  • Remote controlled
  • Compatible with standard offshore cutting spread
ANT external cutting | Chain manipulation System
Chain manipulation system

Cutting examples

Dismantling of the triple foundation of BARD wind power plant in Hooksiel

Dismantling of the triple foundation of BARD wind power plant in Hooksiel

Dismantling of the offshore wind power plant Hooksiel
“As a service provider, we are able to realise many different projects using the ANT technology. Our cooperation has always been characterised by quality, know-how and trust.”
Christoph Steffen – Project Manager, AQUATEC Hoch- & Niederdrucktechnik

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