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EuroBLECH 2022

Lübeck, 22nd August 2022 – At EuroBLECH 2022 (Hanover, 25–28 October, hall 12, booth H85), ConSus ANT will be presenting the ConSus abrasive mixing unit, which now also enables the continuous Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) process in the machining industry. In addition, the specialist for stationary waterjet cutting will present the new Abrasive Recycling Unit ARU for energy-efficient, environmentally friendly recycling of the deployed abrasive.

WAS jet for high cutting performance in an unlimited range of materials

The emergence of ever new, challenging materials places high demands on users in the machining industry. The ConSus abrasive mixing unit enables fast, precise and powerful cutting of all common materials in the continuous WAS process without any effects on the material nor structural changes. Compared to the conventional Water Abrasive Injection (WAIS) process, ConSus works up to three times faster and at less than half the pressure. This reduces time, energy and CO2 emissions. The WAS cutting jet consists only of water and abrasive, which ensures a significantly higher efficiency without turbulent mixing conditions, and leaves the cutting nozzle at almost twice the speed of sound.

Resource-saving abrasive cycle

The procurement, storage and disposal of cutting material is an important cost factor in industrial waterjet cutting. The Abrasive Recycling Unit ARU from ConSus ANT enables the processing and reuse of more than 100 kg of abrasive per hour with extremely low energy requirements. This enables users to significantly increase the economic efficiency and sustainability of their processes. The ARU is suitable for use with both the WAIS and WAS processes. While WAIS requires the use of the ARU with a drying system for the recyclate, WAS allows the moist abrasive to be fed directly back into the cutting process. In conjunction with the ConSus abrasive mixing unit, a reuse rate of at least 80 per cent of the abrasive is possible.

ConSus ANT

ConSus – ANT Stationary Cutting Solutions GmbH is part of the ANT Group and specializes in the requirements of the processing industry. ANT is the technology and market leader for mobile waterjet cutting and has more than 20 years of experience with Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) cutting technology. The newly founded ConSus GmbH supports customers worldwide to benefit from the cost-performance advantages of the WAS process in stationary applications as well.

The core competency of ConSus GmbH and the ANT Group lies in the Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) cutting technology and in special-purpose mechanical engineering. Numerous worldwide patents prove the technological know-how of the company group.

More information at https://www.consus-gmbh.com/. or under the following QR-Code:

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