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Cutting in explosive areas

The maintenance, repair and dismantling of tanks, pipes, tubes and other containers in industrial areas requires the use of flexible, mobile cutting systems. When explosive or flammable materials and chemicals are involved, many conventional cutting techniques are not an option because the risk of explosion or fire from sparks or heat is too high.

Preventing accidents such as the one that occurred at BASF in Ludwigshafen in 2016 is a top priority in order to protect people’s health and lives. Potential economic as well as environmental damage due to smoke and toxic substances also require careful planning and execution of any work in risk areas.

To ensure the highest level of safety during cutting operations in sensitive areas, the use of mobile Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) cutting systems is recommended.

Cold cut without sparking with water abrasive suspension (WAS)

In the WAS cutting process, cuts are made without heat generation and without deformation. Water and sharp-edged abrasive form a suspension under high pressure, which cuts almost any material as a cold cutting jet without sparking.

The water abrasive suspension is generated in the high-pressure vessel of an abrasive mixing unit and transported from there through long high-pressure hoses to a remote-controlled cutting guide system.

Cutting from a distance of up to 1000 m with flexibly adaptable cutting devices.

If required, the cut guidance system can be controlled from up to 1000 m away so that the operator is at a safe distance from the hazardous area during cutting operations.

Depending on the application, different specialized cut guidance systems are used. ANT offers, among others, multi-axis mobile cutting tables, chain and linear manipulation systems, and various circular cutters, some of them multi-axis. They each have versatile adaptation options, ensuring the necessary flexibility for the typically very different areas of application.

Reliable monitoring and control for safe, precise cuts

In order to reliably control and monitor the cutting process at all times, in the simplest case the cut is observed by the user and directly controlled via a control unit that matches the cut guidance system. If the cut is made from a greater distance, camera systems and monitoring monitors are used. For difficult applications, such as underwater cuts inside pipes, ANT also offers sensor-controlled systems for real-time monitoring and control.

Long-term high flexibility and expansion possibilities thanks to modular system

As a modular system, a mobile water abrasive suspension cutting system can be used very flexibly and can be adapted and further developed at any time, e.g. by adding further cut guidance, monitoring and control systems to meet new requirements. ANT offers a wide range of standardized WAS cutting systems, components and accessories for this purpose.

Individual solutions for toughl challenges

Our customers are constantly encountering new, demanding challenges and unique situations.

Team ANT gladly accepts such challenges and develops individual solutions with reliable, user-friendly technology. Many years of partnership and trust therefore characterize our customer relationships.

Laura-Christin Krebs Product Manager

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