Neues Schnittführungssystem für den Rückbau von Offshore-Anlagen

Abrasive cutting device for offshore decommissioning

The launch of the DCH 4 adds another useful Downhole Cutting Head to ANT’s product portfolio. It is the largest DCH, ready to complement the turnkey offshore cutting spreads of ANT and further increase efficiency in decommissioning.

The DCH 4 enables time-saving internal cutting of piles from 70” to 96“ and 96” to 118”. Together with ANT’s DCH 1, DCH 2, DCH 3 and PCH the DCH 4 enables the offshore cutting spread to cover the complete range of multistring casings and piles from 7” to 118”.

Internal cutting of piles with Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS)

The DCH 4 is an abrasive cutting tool based on ANT’s Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) cutting technology. The air surrounded jet ensures high cutting performance and cut quality in the challenging conditions of underwater internal cuts. As a sophisticated cutting device, the DCH 4 enables internal cutting of piles from 70 to 96“and 96 to 118”. For the two ranges of diameters the DCH 4 is used with or without extensions.

Stepless clamping and stepless adjustment

Within the range from 70 to 96“ or 96 to 118” the DCH 4 enables stepless clamping and secure fixation in the pile. Stepless adjustment of the cutting nozzle ensures optimal distance to the material to be cut. Thus, the DCH 4 covers a wide range of different piles with minimal effort and convinces with its ease of use.

Time savings, cost reduction and maximum safety

The DCH 4 can be positioned on site quickly and requires minimal preparation and installation effort. As part of ANT’s turnkey offshore cutting spread, it makes a decisive contribution to time savings, cost reduction and maximum safety – based on ANT`s unique 3s system in offshore decommissioning.

Individually tailored solution for offshore decommissioning

Whether you want to integrate the new DCH 4 in your existing offshore cutting spread or you need advice with regard to a new turnkey offshore WAS cutting spread, the team of ANT is looking forward to providing an individually tailored solution for your requirements.

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