Aquatec Hoch- und Niederdrucktechnik

Christoph Steffen, Projekmanager von Aquatec
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Christoph Steffen – Projektmanager, AQUATEC Hoch- & Niederdrucktechnik


Worldwide first dismantling of an Offshore-Wind power plant with ANT technology.

An enormous task lies ahead of the team in Hooksiel. An Offshore-Wind power plant has to be dismantled. The tripod structure of the plant, each 335cm / 132‘‘ in diameter and 7 cm / 2,75‘‘ thick, are stuck 40 m /13‘ in the ground and weigh 300 t in total. Before pulling the three piles by crane, the baseplate has to be separated.

This challenge is mastered by using the Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) cutting technology. The cutting nozzle is guided by our Linear manipulation system which is strapped around the pile to allow a precise cut; fast and remote-controlled. The entire WAS equipment including the Abrasive Mixing Unit (AMU), the pump and the hydraulics are situated in one to two container on the working platform. From here, the system is also controlled.

We take pride in the fact that our WAS technology is a part of this pioneer work. Again, our technology has shown its versatility as well how reliable it is.

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