CNOOC – China National Offshore Oil Company

“ANTs products and service is excellent. Using their tools for our Offshore projects is lucrative and practicable.”
Wang Chao – Projektmanager, CNOOC – China National Offshore Company


A very normal day offshore.

All over the world, offshore platforms and associated oil pipelines are found in the seas. Of course also in front of China. There, too, the decommissioning (P & A) is subject to strict guidelines.

Our highly esteemed customer, CNOOC, had the order to cut and retrieve six pipes. They did this with the AMU complete system and the associated DCH II and the DCH III from ANT.

The work went according to plan and was carried out in 18 m depth. To cut were pipes of the sizes 9 5/8, 13 3/8, 20 and 30 inches.

After 18 hours it was done and the pipes could be pulled. We are pleased that our customer was successful with our equipment.

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„The project was performed on schedule and to the complete satisfaction of our customer. This would not have been possible without your personal engagement. Therefore we want to thank you.”

Babendererde Engineers

„A professional and human relationship, even in difficult situations, describes our cooperation with ANT. Rapid assistance with mobile systems, they stick to their word.”