Specialised products and modular comprehensive solutions

ANT offers a wide range of products and modular systems for cutting and eroding with Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS). Our portfolio includes the core components of WAS systems as well as accessories and specialised complete systems for complex requirements in the sectors offshore, EOD / IEDD as well as energy and industry.

A Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) system consists of a high-pressure pump, an Abrasive Mixing Unit (AMU) and a cutting device or erosion tool. Depending on the application, specially developed monitoring and control systems as well as other accessories are deployed.
ANT Basic Systems

Basic Systems

From several core central components to complete systems: We tailor our integrated WAS cutting systems to your individual needs.

ANT Abrasive Mixing Units

Abrasive Mixing Units AMUs

An abrasive blending unit is one of the core components of every WAS cutting system. Discover our products from the AMU range.

ANT Cutting Device

Cutting Devices

ANT offers a wide range of mobile cutting devices, which are characterised by high flexibility and at the same time optimal adaptation to specific requirements.

ANT Erosion Tool

Erosion Tools

Based on the Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) erosion technology ANT has developed erosion tools for exciting applications, e.g. in the offshore sector.

ANT Accessories


We make your life easier – not only with our innovative WAS cutting technology, but also with our wide range of useful accessories.

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