Welcome, Alexander! We are delighted to welcome you as a new member of the ANT Applied New Technologies AG team. You have been working as a Sales Manager for the EOD / IEDD sector for three months now, and we would like to learn more about you and your journey with us. Let’s start with a few questions to get to know you better.

Could you please introduce yourself and provide us with an insight into your role at ANT AG?

Thank you for the warm welcome and for accepting me into this fantastic team. Then I will introduce myself. I am 46 years old, originally from Lübeck, and a proud father of two wonderful children, Hannes and Anik. At ANT, I am responsible for international sales in the EOD/IEDD sector, which relates to explosive ordnance disposal. My main task is to further develop this area, maintain and expand existing contacts, and identify new markets and distribution channels. There are promising growth opportunities beyond national borders, where our safety equipment can make a significant contribution.

How did you come to join ANT AG? Were there any particular incentives or opportunities that motivated you to work here?

The decision to join ANT as an internationally operating Sales Manager was the result of a thorough examination of the product portfolio and the technologies the company offers. The impressive WAS (Water Abrasive Suspension) technology coupled with industry focuses like explosive ordnance disposal, offshore, and nuclear decommissioning immediately captivated me. The opportunity to promote technologies that contribute to the security of our environment and a sustainable future is highly motivating. For me, it was clear that I wanted to learn more about ANT. During my initial meetings with the team, my expectations were fortunately confirmed. ANT is a company at the forefront of technology, and it has friendly and competent employees who share a meaningful and ethically sound vision for the future. It felt like winning the lottery and also like coming home, as I completed my apprenticeship at Baader, not far from here.

Before joining ANT AG, what were your previous career experiences? Are there any experiences or skills from your previous positions that benefit you in your current role?

In my early career, I worked for a drive technology manufacturer in project management, with a primary focus on generating technically and commercially viable solutions. I have always had a strong interest in technology and a good understanding of it. During that time, I learned a great deal from colleagues in sales and eventually made the transition to sales myself. The combination of technical competence and commercial acumen is generally a recipe for success, and I successfully applied it in my roles as a Global Account Manager and later as a Sales Director. I gained valuable experience working for both large and small companies in various sectors of mechanical engineering, sharpening my ability to identify what works well and recognizing areas where initiatives might fail. Business and product development has always been a key focus for me, and I enjoyed doing it on the international stage. So, I felt well-prepared for the challenge at ANT, even though the EOD/IEDD industry was relatively unfamiliar to me at the time. Thanks to my helpful colleagues, I have since acquired significant knowledge in this field.

Could you tell us about your first day at ANT AG? How did you experience it? Were there any surprises or special impressions?

The first day at a new job is always exciting, as one hopes to be quickly integrated into the team and start tackling their responsibilities. In my case, this hope was fulfilled, as I was immediately fully engaged in the work, even though I was not yet familiar with many processes, products, and procedures in detail. My first day involved traveling directly to Brandenburg for the maintenance of the MACE system, which was highly interesting. I had the opportunity to witness our system in action and, more importantly, engage with the professionals from the explosive ordnance disposal service. This experience was highly informative, providing a comprehensive understanding from identifying a suspicious item to its safe disposal. Additionally, the warm welcome and the almost familial atmosphere within the team made my entry into the company perfect. Overall, I am very pleased to be part of the ANT team. I would also like to mention the professionalism, collegiality, and motivation of my colleagues, which have deeply impressed me.

What do you particularly enjoy about your current role as Sales Manager for the EOD / IEDD sector? Are there specific challenges that you appreciate?

There are several aspects of my current position that I particularly enjoy. Firstly, there is the responsibility of providing our customers, the explosive ordnance disposal professionals, with a tool that significantly enhances the safety of bomb disposal for all involved. Unfortunately, explosive remnants, whether from World War II or due to current geopolitical dynamics, are a global issue that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Secondly, I find it exciting to explore new markets and win customers for our products. With our product portfolio, there are few equivalent competitors in the EOD/IEDD sector, making the task particularly intriguing. Moreover, marketing a technically complex product on an international scale is a challenge that I embrace with my team. Increasing ANT’s visibility and advancing the company are goals that motivate me.

What do you like about ANT AG as a company? Are there specific company values or cultural characteristics that resonate with you?

At ANT, we are a team of specialists, and everyone operates as if it were their own company. Such a corporate culture does not happen by chance; it is actively promoted by the management. In contrast to many other companies that often use lofty words to describe their corporate culture but rarely live up to them, I feel that the family-like character of our company is an essential part of our success. We win and lose as a team. These principles are genuinely embraced here, and I can say that with conviction based on my time at ANT so far.

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