geschnittene Bombe im Matsch

EOD - Successful 5th WAS training course in Belgium: positive impressions and experiences with MACE equipment

From March 4 to 8, 2024, the fifth international Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) real life training took place in Belgium, initiated by the Belgian EOD Group. Camp Elsenborn, near the German border, provided the perfect setting for this challenging exercise, in which various European nations took part. The aim of the training was to test the team and the MACE equipment under real conditions by defusing live ammunition. All safety measures were strictly observed.

The training went to the satisfaction of all participants and provided a valuable opportunity for the exchange of experiences and suggestions among the special forces. ANT Applied New Technologies AG was also present as a system manufacturer, providing advice and taking up fresh impulses from the teams for equipment optimization and development. The positive feedback from participants who own a MACE system and praised the effectiveness and reliability of our systems was particularly pleasing.

ANT Sales Managers EOD
Manfred Hagenbrink (left), Sales Manager EOD and Alexander Dölger (right), Sales Manager EOD
Hochdruckpumpe und MACE auf Lastwagenfläche
EOD-Team DOVO Belgium with High Pressure Pump (HPP) and MACE

The participating EOD teams included EOD Team DOVO Belgium, EOD Team Luxembourg, EOD Team Securite Civile from France and EOD Team Navy Brest from France.

Observing participants from various official international institutions attended the training and showed great interest in the performance of the MACE. In this context in particular, it was possible to ask the users specific questions in order to create the greatest possible transparency.

The observers from various countries were impressed by the performance of the MACE and intend to take further steps for a short-term procurement.

3-Achs-Schneidtisch im Einsatz
ANT's 3 axis cutting table at work
Zwei geschnittene Bomben und ein Schnittführungssystem
Successfully disarmed world war ammunition

Special thanks are due to Nicolas and his team from DOVO Belgium, who acted as coordinator of this successful training. Nicolas, Team Leader EOD, emphasized the importance of such events for the regular exchange of experiences and the further development of equipment.

Overall, the 5th WAS training was a success and confirmed the importance of regular exchange among the EOD operators. We will continue to work closely with the emergency services to continuously improve our products and meet their needs in the best possible way. We say “thank you” for inviting us to this special event.

Alexander Dölger Sales Manager

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